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Interview Prepration

We Provide Interview Preparation for Immigration Interview .

Dress for the Interview:
Always dress according to the occasion & going for an interview demands Formal Dressing. Make sure you are wearing tidy clothes. Dressing conservatively helps.

Be there on Time
For a any interview always keep a few minutes spare & reach well before time. Try and use the washroom & freshen yourself up before walking in the room.

Entering the room:
Enter in the room with due permission of the interviewer. Shake hands firmly and wish the interviewer as per time of day. Radiate your confidence with smile. Dress conservatively. Be always on time. Be a stickler for promptness while answering the questions with aplomb. Spontaneity is the buzzword. Remember the interviewer’s name.

Body Language:
When the interviewer tells you to sit or gestures you to sit down then do so after thanking him. Look alert. Sit up erect. Maintain eye contact with the interviewer all the time. Speak with confidence and assurance. Interviewers like candidates who are not shaky but are enthusiastic and responsive.

Be precise & upfront
While answering questions be precise. Hit the nail on the head. In minimum words, let the interviewer know that you know what he is asking. Avoid lengthy argument or discussion. If you do not know a particular thing, best be upfront. Beating about the bush with a good interviewer will get you nowhere.

Show your interest
Give due respect to the interviewer & constantly keep yourself alert & interested. Do not smoke or chew gum during interviews. Do not slouch in the chair, tap your feet, play with eyeglasses, pencil, or fidget nervously.

First things first & Last things Last
While asking questions, do not ask direct questions about salary or other benefits at the beginning of the interview. Rather ask questions on Job profile, responsibilities, growth prospects initially.

Do your homework before the interview
Learn about the company as much as you can. Visit their site, see the products, name of founder etc& then relate to the job requirement.

Don’t forget the basics
Prepare and rehearse common questions and answers. For example – Tell us something about yourself? What was the nature of your job? What can you do for this company? Three reasons, why should we be hiring you? What special skills did you acquire? What where your Targets? What did you achieve? What was your day was like on your job? What were your strengths? Weaknesses? Why are you considering leaving your present job? Why are you interested in this company and how can you contribute? AND lastly but not the least Industry References. Have the names & contact numbers handy.

Talk about your achievement
If you have done better than others, worked hard, make it count. Highlight your achievements. If interested, show it. If you are keen for the job, let the interviewer know that you are keen for the job. That way he will surely give you a priority & over others who he is not sure of.

Straight Answers:
Answer questions openly, spontaneously without holding back and beating about the bush. Yet be direct and to the point, avoiding long, drawn-out explanations. It never pays to present answers made up of miscellaneous or incongruous ideas.

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